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Friday, 6 February 2009

Acai Berry: My Story on Weight Loss

Sometimes, everyone wants a quick solution to their problem. I wont deny it, during my search for weight loss solutions, I encountered many offers. Such as dieting, fat burning exercises, weight loss formulas etc. Incidentally, one early morning I stumbled upon an Alternative Medicine community that was featuring a peculiar little plant which apparently does miracles for losing weight. Acai Berry they call it, I found myself wondering: surely this cant be the answer to my biggest weight problem?

I never thought that medicine can be so small, look so great and have such rejuvenating properties! After trying an extract, I felt refreshed, young and full of energy. So I decided to see exactly how this so called berry will help me lose weight. I wanted to find scientific answers that will explain this miracle. It wasn't long before I read up on it; a Doctor by the name of N Perricone, the leading advocated of Acai Berry consumption in the United States quoted: "Acai is good for weight loss because it contains a unique compound called cyanidin, a highly antioxidant photochemical compound."

The statement was based on some very cool Japanese research that concluded: cyanidis reduces the fat absorption in the body, and helps "drain body fat" as a side effect. I couldn't believe it, the answer to all out problems right there. Just by drinking a glass of refreshing Acai Berry juice, we are able to reduce the amount of fat absorbed into our body!

But that's not all, Acai Berry has other natural life giving and nutrient enhancing properties. Athletes, celebrities and ordinary people like ourselves have been using it not just for Weight Reduction, but to optimise energy and fitness levels for quite some time!

Acai berries contain high levels of amino acids, essential fatty acids and help harmonize your inner self! Many people believe this is the key ingredient behind many sensational success stories; all due to the Acai Berry.

You wont believe it until you try it! Its cheap and its affordable, there's no better proof than getting your own weight loss results: the only way you are going to get there is by giving it a try and getting first hand knowledge yourself. For the first time in many years, Acai Barry is easily accessible for the average person, and if you are truly trying to lose your weight - you just lose the excuse not to do it.

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