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Monday, 9 February 2009

Diet Tips for Successful Weight Loss 1/3

Everybody has a love hate relationship with dieting.

We all want to look and feel our best, but no one wants to suffer and be miserable to get there (even though some courageous ones join groups and diets trends and athletic clubs to achieve their ends). And no one should be crabby and hateful to their spouse, partners and children because of the reason of dieting. Hence, bring on the diet tips for successful - and peaceful - weight loss. In truth, there are times when it is necessary to diet. After a prolonged convalescence or after an accident when you've put on 30 pounds because you found benefit in using chocolates as pain killers.

When you are beginning to stretch open the seams of those $700 business suits. When you are on an extended vacation to visit your widowed aunt who says, "Your uncle just loved to eat my spaghetti four nights a week. Want another helping of creme pie?" We all know that there are vital reasons to diet. An article posted recently on MSN Homepage in the news briefs pointed out that, as Andreas von Bubnoff and Joanna Lloyd suggest in, maintaining the weight you had before turning 25 takes years off the aging process. (Actually, they say at age 18. But, really now, I'd still weigh 90 pounds and stand 5' 8". That would be just wrong, morally, physically and visually.) Another example of a vital reason to diet is that parents take better care of and are more tenderly loving toward their children when not overweight and able to move around with ease and comfort.

Chronic illness, like diabetes, and chronic back pain are better controlled when a person is not overweight. These are just some examples of vital reasons to diet. So what are the diet tips?What helps a person to reach the goal and reduce the discomfort, pain and struggle of weight loss? Diet Tips on the basic principles of weight loss are these that follow.

Eat less. Rats. There is no way around it. You are what you eat. That goes for quantity and quality. Eat less of what adds weight. Period.

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