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Monday, 9 February 2009

Diet Tips for Successful Weight Loss 3/3

Conquering the Diet Love-Hate Relationship in Order to Gain Weight Loss

Eat organic corn meal. Use it to replace some of the whole grain wheat flour in breads, muffins, pancakes, scones, etc. You can even make yourself a weird little corn pancake of organic cornmeal, oil, a pinch of salt and water to eat with meals instead of pasta, breads or potatoes. It is surprisingly filling and nutritious. Eat strawberries, oranges, spinach, tomatoes, cantaloupes.

These are high is nutrition and antioxidants which are both integral to successful weight loss. Eat spinach salads. Use a light lemon and oil dressing (e.g., organic sunflower seed oil, organic lemon juice, water, salt and pepper, herbs and shake well...yummy).

Eat Salsa. Antioxidants and nutrients are in salsa in abundance. And, like with soups, the nutrients are retained in the salsa sauce enriching the food value and benefit to weight loss. Use evaporated organic cane juice as a sweetener. Drink organic juices. Especially drink cranberry, pomegranate, orange and lemon juices. These, too, are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. A serving of a good organic juice is equivalent to many pieces of the actual fruit, so again, you get more goodness from each gulp. Drink juice shakes made with organic cranberry, pomegranate or orange juice and organic, non-GMO soy protein/nutrient powder. For a juice shake that reaches the level of dessert, add a dollop of organic whipping cream and stir or in-glass beat well. Yum. Drink organic herbal teas. Especially good are organic Yogi Teas. These come in wonderful, potent and delicious blends.

Diet Tips for your Dieting and Eating Rituals.

Eat a plentiful appetizer of strawberries or cantaloupe, papaya, (several) kiwis and orange juice before every meal. Eat more - weigh less. Don't eat bedtime snacks. If you must have a bedtime snack, make it 2 or 3 oz. of organic cranberry or pomegranate juice and organic, non-GMO soy protein/nutrient powder. It provides nutrients to quell desire, few calories, and helps you sleep deeply and restfully. Make this your bedtime snack.

Cut way down on desserts. Have smaller servings less often. If you must have dessert, take only half and add fruit, lots of fresh organic fruit.

Use serving dishes. When you fill your plate straight from the cooking utensils, you inevitably serve more so as not to "leave it sitting in the pot."

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