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Monday, 9 February 2009

Diet Tips for Successful Weight Loss 2/3

Conquering the Diet Love-Hate Relationship in Order to Gain Weight Loss

Don't damage your health. No extremes. Be reasonable and rational. Your health is sancrosanct. Don't damage your temperament by creating cravings and over-pressing the point of your diet, the point being weight loss.

Don't be in such a rush. Take it slow. Adjust to your new weights as necessary. Your physiological mechanism - outside the bounds of your control - can take several weeks to several months to become accustomed to a new weight. Be patient and loving with yourself. Don't seek to look - or be - anorexic. It isn't pretty. It isn't healthy. It isn't logical. Be sensible. Be reasonable.

Diet Tips on Basic Guidelines of weight loss are these that follow.
Identify what causes your weight problems. Huge helpings? Bedtime snacks? Bad food choices like candy, potato chips, etc? Desserts? The same size breakfast you ate when you were 18 and rowing crew at 5 AM? Well, then - stop doing the things that cause you weight problems. Rats, again. Yeah, but stop. Eat meals and snacks at regularly scheduled times.

Tame yourself and your hunger with predictability, just the way the Fox taught the Little Prince to tame him (the Fox) in The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupery). Don't eat after 7 or 8 o'clock at night. Give your physiological system some Empty time, some Processing time, some Quiet time. Don't eat bedtime snacks. Drink a cup of organic herbal tea, especially organic Yogi Teas, instead. Force yourself to buy organic foods, including organic juices. They have more food value per bite - no chemical-contaminant competition.

Diet Tips on Food Choices for weight loss are these that follow.

Eat fish. Lots of fish. Watch out for tuna, though, because of the mercury contamination content. Eat tuna no more than two or three times a week, at most. Eat homemade, organic ingredient, soups. The broth contains the nutrients, so you get more nutritional boost to each bite. And the broth fills the empty space yet packs a low weight-gaining impact. Double indemnity.

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